Westpy Marketing Services Inc.

Westpy Marketing Services Inc., is a brokerage firm that specializes in promotional products and gift incentives for the purposes of branding, recognition, fundraising and outreach.

There is an overwhelming abundance of promotional products available today. Discerning the motivating product,  processes available, such as, screen printing, heat transfer, engraving, to name a few, as well as, fitting it in the budget, can be a daunting task for a business owner, or marketing professional.

Why do promotional products work?  Based on the 2019 Consumer Study Summary, 8 in 10 like receiving promotional products, 7 in 10 wish they received promotional products more often, and 80% have an immediate reaction when they receive promo from companies they've never heard of.

 Promotional Products: Highlights From the 2019 Consumer Study

Westpy Marketing Services can help by listening to the client on the message, target audience, theme, graphics and budget.  We will navigate and fine tune the plethora of products with the best fit manufacturer/printer in the industry, process the proper artwork, manage the logistics, follow up the delivery, and communicate with client on updates until project is complete.

We welcome the opportunity to help you on your next project, whether small or complex, local, national or international.